November 13, 2010

The beauty of Autumn

It's that time of the year when hundreds of colors fill our surroundings.....yellow, orange, brown, red, green....just to name a few! Despite the inevitable oncoming of winter and super cold weather approaching, this time of the year is so pretty, and makes you pause and forget the world around you! It is even said looking at fall colors helps lower your stress level!

Here are a few pictures outside our house, and around our street in the Dc metro area.

We put all the leaves from our yard on the side walk to be picked up and cleared the lawn. By the next day, the yard was full of leaves again!

Lovely fall colors. This tree is across the street on our neighbors yard.

A unique cool looking leaf I found while doing yard work.

Our roses are still in bloom and its mid November!!

The trees in our back yard look very lovely this time of year!

Happy Autumn! enjoy it while it lasts!

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