May 26, 2010

How much a new paint job can do.....

Painting is so much harder than it looks! The one good thing about outdoor painting, is that you don't have to be 100% perfect on it, as where indoors it is easier to see flaws. Our venture: paint the outside of our house a much better color. Jack did most of the painting, I offered to help, but he has a certain way he likes to do it, and is much more effcient that I am! I got to help do the trim while he did most of the big stuff.

Here is our house in June 2008 when it was purchased. Notice the lovely light blue.....we wanted a color that was much more neutral and matched the stonework on the front of the house.

May 2010.....a nice tan color. The front of the house is done, just the back still needs to be painted, but its hidden for now. At least you can't see it from the street! more tree!

Next after the outdoor painting.....the shutters are going up. They are going to be painted a maroon/reddish color. It will look really nice!

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