January 4, 2010

Big Snow #2!

I am a little behind on blogging, so I am catching up. Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!  Here are the pictures from a big snow we had a few weeks. We got about 2 feet! It just kept dumping snow all day!

Oh the weather outside is frightful.......

Our measurements from the morning....12 inches...and still snowing hard!

Let's go take a walk!

Let is snow.....

The major road down the street from our house....no snow plow in sight!

Our house covered in snow

My poor little car all snowed in!

Jack wanted to have some fun with the kitties....

Lets toss them in the snow!

Gracie was the seasoned expert of getting tossed in the snow

Poor kitten never didn't know what snow was till that day...

Patches warming up by the fire after Jack tossed her in the snow

Jack & Patches inspecting the fire

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